Leaders advise Khanal-Nepal faction to not get stuck indefinitely in name of saving unity


Central members of the Khanal-Nepal faction have advised the leadership to not get stuck indefinitely in the name of saving party unity.

“We must make final efforts to save party unity. We should not budge from our stand to return the party back to the state before unification with CPN (Maoist Center),” a leader said quoting the central members participating virtually in the central committee meeting. “Chairman KP Sharma Oli doesn’t seem sincere toward dialogue. We must move forward reorganizing the party if unity is not possible.”
Leaders Surendra Pandey and Ghanashyam Bhusal briefed the meeting about the informal dialogue held with the Oli camp and claimed that Baluwatar has overhyped the informal dialogue.
“We have made sincere efforts for party unity. It is possible to return the party back to the state before unification but we will have to work a little harder for that,” another leader quoted the two leaders as telling the meeting. “Friends at Baluwatar seem to have publicized the informal discussions a little too much. We feel this should not be taken as tactics.”
Surendra Pandey, Ghanashyam Bhusal, Gokarna Bista and Yogesh Bhattarai of the dissident faction talked with Finance Minister Bishnu Paudel, Subash Chandra Nembang and Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali of the Oli camp about party unity at a hotel in Durbar Marg Monday night
There have been reports that Oli wants to woo the four leaders away from the Khanal-Nepal faction and let others including Jhala Nath Khanal, Madhav Kumar Nepal and Bhim Rawal quit the party. Oli’s lieutenants have claimed that the four will eventually join the Oli camp and may get plum ministries or other high-profile positions as rewards.

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